Reading and Consultation

Do you have a partial or complete draft, and you’re not sure what direction to take next? Would you like some objective ideas on how to improve it? I will read your manuscript carefully and respond with a detailed letter evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the work and offering specific steps to take in terms of revision and publication.

Developmental Edit

Are you ready for an extensive deep-tissue edit that addresses the complete manuscript? This edit is a two-step process in which I make direct track changes and comments during the initial reading. I then do a second read and send you the marked-up manuscript along with a detailed letter outlining main issues and concerns that arose, such as language, voice, characters, narrative arc, etc. This is an excellent way to prepare that final draft that you want to make ready for submission or self-publishing.

Copy/Line edit

Do you struggle with grammar, succinctness, or clean writing? Do you have the ideas and thoughts but don’t think you have the right words? I can do a straight copy edit (spelling, grammar, style, consistency) or I can work with you to rewrite your copy. This is a give-and-take process in which we pass the text back and forth until I do a final pass to make sure we have incorporated all our changes and the manuscript is clean. I can work in either Chicago Manual of Style or AP style.

Application Essays

How you present yourself on the page is just as important–sometimes more important–than how you present yourself in person. I  have edited application essays for college entrance, corporate jobs, PhD programs, law school, grants, and more. We can work together to ensure you respond to the essay prompt(s) properly and to reveal your authentic voice. This  edit includes thorough copyediting, line editing, and content/theme editing, based on the essay prompt(s).